Doctor's degree: 3 years education

Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering College

1. Agriculture Water- Soil Engineering

Resources and Environment College

2. Pedology

3. Plant Nutrition Science

4. Environment Protection and Restoration

5. Agroecology and Climate Change

6. Resources and Environment Microbiology

Agriculture College

7. Crop Cultivation and Farming System

8. Plant Genetics and Breeding

Horticulture College

9. Horticulture (teaching language: Chinese/English)

Animal Science and Technology College

10. Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction

11. Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

12. Aquatic Animal Protection and Production

13. Animal Production

14. Grass Science

Veterinary Medicine College

15. Basic Veterinary Medicine

16. Preventive Veterinary Medicine

17. Clinic Veterinary Medicine

Engineering College

18. Agriculture Mechanization Engineering

19. Agri-biological Environment and Energy Engineering

20. Agricultural System Engineering and Management Engineering

Economics and Management College

21. Agricultural Economics and Management

22. Rural Finance

23. Rural and Regional Development

Life Science College

24. Botany

25. Microbiology

26. Developmental Biology

27. Biochemistry and Molecule Biology

Food Science College

28. Food Science

29. Grain, Grease and Botanic Protein Engineering

30. Agriculture Product Processing and Preserving Engineering

31. Food Fermentation Engineering

32. Animal Produce Processing Engineering

Electrification and Information College

33. Agriculture Electrification and Automation

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